Test and Drainage Valve

In sprinkler systems, these valves are used for the testing systems and drain the unnecessary fluids from the systems.

Advantages: They have sight glasses in their body,single valve is sufficient to drain the line.

For choosing the test and drain valves, users should pay attention to line diameter. Also these valves have to have same diameter with the sprinkler orifice diameter.

Line diameter (in) Test and drain Valve diameter (in)
2” and under
2 ½”, 3”, 3 ½”
4” and over
¾” and over
1 ¼” and over
  • Connection: Threaded and grooved
  • Working Pressure: 300psi
  • Dimensions: 1” – 2” 
  • K Orifice: k:42, k:80, k:200, k:360

Material Features: 
Body: Brass
Ball: Disc: Chrome coated
Gasket: PTFE

Application areas: 
These are suitable for the system where has sprinkler systems.

– UL Listed
– FM Approved

Test and Drainage Prices

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