Supervisory Switch Butterfly Valve

Supervisiory switch butterfly valves are produced for separating the zones and act like control valves. In fire protection systems, valves have to can be monitored. They are provided with a hand wheel mounted on the shaft communicates with the gear box for positioning. This way, users can have information about automation system and improved equipment in order to see easily on the valve body. It is suitable for using at indoor or outdoor.

Advantages: To compare with other valves, this type of valves takes less area. Disadvantages: For other valves, it has more pressure loss.

  • Connection Type:Threaded, Wafer and Grooved
  • Working Pressure:-175psi ~ 300psi
  • Max. Working Temperature: 120ºC
  • Dimensions:1” – 12”
  • Material Features: 
    Body: ASTM A 536 Ductile Iron
    – Disk: ASTM 395 (Nickel plated) Ductile Iron
    Spindle: ASTM 583 Type 416 Stainless Steel
    Threaded Box: Cast Iron and Steel
    Gasket: EPDM
    FlyWheel: Cast iron

    Application Areas: 
    These valves are used in many fire areas.

  • Approvals: 
    – UL Listed
    – ULc Listed
    – FM Approved

Butterfly Valve prices with Monitoring Switch

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