SigniFire Detection Technology

Fike SigniFire camera detection system has signed many special projects in different parts of the world.

It can detect both flame, smoke and heat in the detection system.

It continuously processes these processes within its own body and makes perfect detection in different environments thanks to its face recognition technology.

These high-tech systems are used in many projects in Turkey and around the world.

This technology is used in the paper industry and industrial factories with petro-reserves.

While thermal, smoke and flame detection is performed in these systems, on the other hand, the command to see or see the fire in the desired area can be given by ignoring the relevant areas in the heat and flame camera system.

This situation allows us to ignore the relevant areas in the facilities where there is intense steam or to give the commands to activate in case of a threat that may arise in these areas.

In this way, SigniFire provides us with a perfect solution in critical areas where standard detection systems cannot find a solution.

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