Fire Cabinets

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hose diameter and length can vary. Some fire cabinet may contain special chemicals agents, foam, etc. Fire cabinets include hose, nozzle and portable fire extinguishers.

Hose Capacity

20 mt

25 mt

30 mt

Body Type

Sheet iron cover

Cover Type

Sheet iron

Dimensions (mm)


770x1020x200(surface mounted)

. 1,2 mm DKP sheet iron

. 0.70 micron powder paint

. RAL 3020 red, RAL 9010 white and RAL 9006 gray color options

. Water inlet with 1″ or 2″ brass valve

. Open colose nozzle TSE EN-671

. Fire hose TSE EN -694 (20-25-30 mt hose length options)

. 6 kg capacity ABC fire extinguisher cylinder with TS 862