Double Gimbal Expansion Joints

Gimbal type expansion joints are designed to permit angular rotation in any plane by the use of two pairs of hinges affixed to a common floating gimbal ring. Simply, a double gimbal expansion joint is consisted of two single gimbal expansion joints and an intermediate pipe connects them each other. The advantage of this arrangement is the ability to absorb a large lateral movement in any plane at each end.

Classical double gimbal expansion joints are used to absorb lateral & angular deflections in all planes. The gimbals of this expansion joints are designed as to withstand against pressure thrust and they are called restrained type expansion joints. The amount of lateral deflection depends on the convolution number of the bellows on each side and the length of the intermediate pipe. Standard range of Ayvaz double gimbal expansion joints are designed mostly for fire protection lines where the deflections are not caused by thermal movements but seismic movements. In order to absorb the axial movements caused by the seismic movements, Ayvaz standard range expansion joints are finished with an axial movement capacity which is limited by the slot gap on the gimbals.

  • Bellow Material: Stainless Steel AISI 321 (Opt. 304,316L, 316TI, 309)
  • Connection Types: Fixed and Floating Flanged, Welded Ended & Grooved
  • Flange Material: PN 16, St.37.2 as standard, the material can be customised on request
  • Inner Sleeve: Available in stainless steel AISI 321 (Opt. 304,316L, 316TI, 309) on request
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C/+550°C
  • Operating Pressure: 175 psi & 250 psi
    Can be produced with different pressure rates PN 2,5- PN 63

Cardan Articulated Earthquake Compensator (FM Approved) prices

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