Deluge Alarm Valve Systems

The deluge alarm valve is the ancillary facility of sprinkler system and it often cooperates with automatic fire alarm system to achieve remote control. It allows water flow to sprinkler unidirectionally and alarms at the same time..

Application areas; storages, warehouse, in areas which is in the high danger class. It uses for the foam and water together for the fire extinction. Deluge valves are using for sprinklers and nozzles. Systems feed with water and valves.

Deluge Valve seperates to 3 types regarding to activation ways;

– Wet Pilot Activated
– Dry Pilot Activated
– Electronically Activated

Dimensions: 1 ½”-8”
Connection: Flanşlı x Flanşlı / Flanşlı x Yivli / ivli x Yivli
Assembly: Dikey
Working Pressure: 175 – 250psi
Approvals: FM, UL

Deluge Alarm System prices

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